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Medicare Supplement · Medicare Advantage · Part D Prescription Drug Plans

Daniels Insurance Agency is an Independent Insurance Brokerage specializing in Medicare Supplemental Health Insurance, Medicare Advantage Plans and Part D Prescription Drug Plans. All we sell are Medicare related products. Not only do we sell you the product, we also service your policy.

We will explain how Medicare works and the difference between a Medicare Supplemental Plan and a Medicare Advantage Plan. We can meet you at our office, your office, or your home to explain your different options. We service San Diego, Orange, Los Angeles and Riverside Counties.

Working with an insurance broker does not cost you anymore than going directly with the insurance company. We get paid by the insurance company and you get the benefit of an experienced agent.

We can also help you enroll in Medicare. Give our office a call today!

Winnie Barry A.

Mr. Daniels has handled all of our Medicare insurance for several years, including helping us get started in the process. He does not charge for his services as he is paid by the insurance companies- his service is excellent. Each year he gets a list of your prescription drugs and sends you suggestions for the best company to use. We have switched (easily and painlessly) almost every year as rates change. One example for this year; a drug I paid $14.00 a month for last year is now $4.00 thanks to his advice on switching to a different plan. (and he does not even represent the plan he recommended so he did not get a commission on this one.) This fine gentleman CARES about his clients and could not be more friendly, helpful, or professional.


Alexander I.

I've been a client of Dan Daniels (and his wonderful people at the agency) for around 20 years. At first, I gave them only my home and auto insurance business. Eventually, I asked him for his advice and counsel on medical. After a review I decided to let him be my guide on that too. Dan's a very smart guy and really knows his business. His brain replaced the internet research when it came to knowing and evaluating options, what's available, and what's the least expensive way to go...I owe Dan Daniels big time. You may find his personal style a bit terse, but don't interpret that as he's not on your team. He'll understand your situation and special needs fast and well and bring you great solutions that I have no doubt will save you some big bucks. I'd be hard pressed to find anyone better at the insurance game. He and his team have my highest recommendation.